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Jessica Chambers
Jessica Chambers

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How Awesome is Minecraft?

Minecraft is this really awesome game. No really, it’s awesome.

I have heard of Minecraft for years, and never thought that I would ever consider buying it. I have considered playing, seeing that it’s a game built around building and creating whatever.

The best version of Minecraft is on PC known as the Java edition. This requires top hardware to run at a great frame-rate.

Then came the PE version(Bedrock). I bought it for iOS. I have not uninstalled this game yet.

What made me make the purchase?

Have you ever heard of Neebs Gaming? Well, if you haven’t, then there you go.

Years ago, this group of amazing guys got together and played the best Minecraft series ever. Full of entertainment, laughter, drama, and Simon falling into a hole. They never built anything over the top in this first series, but it gave me an idea of what to expect in the game. They have recently returned and have better builds, especially Appsro.

Neebs Gaming Neebsvylania Playlist

Neebs Gaming Cinematic Series 2020 Playlist

So for the first time in years, I gave Apple money for an app ($6.99) and I have not stopped playing since.

What is there to do in Minecraft?

Minecraft can be an endless fun for anyone. If you are creative or you like adventures, Minecraft can work for you. I enjoy building more than anything. I don’t care for mobs or defeating the Wither or the Ender Dragon. I hate spiders. So the adventure and the combat part isn’t for me.

But the survival aspect with building is what I like best. There are so many things to build. From cities to landscapes. I have built a good number of towns with villagers. Keeping to a theme of using the same type of material for each building.

My only dilemma is that there is no way to survive peacefully and still make the game hard to play. I hate spiders and creepers, but I can’t stand spiders. Get rid of the spiders then I would play in survival.

I used to play in normal mode with mob spawning off. I did it this way so that hunger could be a factor in the game. The only way for me to play with survival in peaceful mode is to stop all mobs from spawning. This means that I would have to gather mobs like cows, chickens, sheep, and horses before starting the world. But guess what, THIS DOES NOT KEEP SPAWNERS FROM WORKING.

I was mining in a cave and came upon a spawner and guess what, yep, it was a spider spawner. I ran like hell. I turned the world into peaceful and never went back into that cave again. So now I don’t mine at all. After the cave incident, I just went into creative mode and got the mining ores and stone and lava. Then I thought, I don’t really care about beating the game, so why not get those resources that come from the nether and the end. After this, I put the game back into peaceful mode and turn mob spawning on.

Why is Minecraft Awesome?

I have spent countless hours in this game, just building and exploring the world. Imagine building anything that comes to mind. This is what Minecraft is.

Town overview with rail system

Online play in the Hive

Minecraft Barn and farm view

Combat Ready!

This wasn't a coding related post, but just something to say I have fun doing other things. Do you play Minecraft or video games? What do you do for fun to get away from coding?

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