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Day 3 - Spicing Up A Form: Wine App Part I

Living in Georgia (the country, not the state) and its claim of being the birthplace of wine has its advantages. Where else can I get a bottle of a UNESCO heritage amber wine for $5-$10? My friends and I were joking about how we have access to exotic wine at affordable costs but a burrito will take you back almost same price in California. Not that we would think to pair the two. But wine not?

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I thought of building an application where the rules are, you can recommend a wine and food pairing, but only if the food paired with it is common in your household because, COVID.


If you must

WineFolly has shared some down to earth pairings here. My personal philosophy is that wine can be enjoyed with almost any food you find in your pantry or fridge anyway.

The Application

Since I am in the middle of the 30 projects in 30 days I figured why not break up the different components of this app and build up each as part of my project. Today I started with a form where the users will submit their anonymous recommendations and add to a database. You can follow my progress here

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What I learned

After the second day of building a minor component, I found it more reasonable that I build UP to something that encompasses all of the mini-practice and creating I am doing. I am using React with styled-components and I feel more comfortable using it after getting some practice in with basic CSS and HTML.

How This Will Help Me

I am much more aware of mini-interactive elements that I just realized I haven't been implementing in my own design. Can you spot the difference? Being aware of user interaction and user design, as a developer who just started out, I don't have the same level of access to UX designers so keeping on top of UX is a new essential item to add to my growth list.

Onto the next challenge!

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