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Module 5 Discussion

  1. What are the three table row group elements and in what order should they be entered in HTML code?

The three table row elements are <.TH> <.TR> and <.TD>.

  1. Write code to create a column group in which the first two columns belong to the introCol class and the next three columns belong to the col1, col2, and col3 classes respectively.

<.colgroup><.col id="introCOL" col span= 2 /><.col id ="col1"/><.col id = "col2"/> <.col id = "col3"/> <./colgroup>

  1. Write code to change the background color of the 2 columns belonging to the introCol class to yellow.

tr: introCOL {.background: yellow}

  1. What are the only CSS properties that can be applied to columns and column groups?

The only CSS properties that can be applied to columns and column groups are back ground colors and cell sizing.

  1. In the case of conflicting styles, which has the higher precedence: the style of the row group or the style of the column group?

The style of the row has the highest precedence.

  1. Write the CSS style code to set the height of every table row in the table header to 25 pixels.

table.disscusion t-body tr {.height: 25 px}

  1. Write code to display an unordered list as a table, the list items as table rows, and hypertext links within each list as table cells.

<.table border= "1"> <.ul> <.tr> <.th> <.li>List Item 1<./li> <./th> <.th> <.li>List Item 2<./li><./th> <./tr> <.tr> <.td id = "cell1"> <.a href="#">hello<./a><./td> <.td id = "cell2"><.a href="#">hi<./a><./td> <./tr> <./ul><./table>

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