Vanilla JavaScript emoji picker! New and improved.

joeattardi profile image Joe Attardi ・1 min read

Emoji Button is a vanilla JavaScript emoji picker component I have been working on over the past year or so. Because it's just plain JavaScript, it can be made to work with any framework, site, or app.

Version 4 has just been released, with performance improvements and some new features, including:

  • Custom emojis
  • UI plugins
  • More UI customization
  • Fuzzy search

Free and open source, MIT licensed. Hope someone out there finds it useful!

Details, documentation, and demos can be found at https://emoji-button.js.org/.

Code can be found at https://github.com/joeattardi/emoji-button.



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Nice job, looks very slick.

I did a search for "finger" and expected to see a few more results - I was looking for the downward pointing finger


Yeah, it could use some work there. Currently I am not using any of the aliases or shortcodes, just the official names from Unicode, for that particular emoji, the name is "backhand index pointing down".

Thanks for looking!


This is really great. Good work. You could support older browsers by changing the typescript target; I'm just curious if it was a conscious decision to only support the latest browsers?


It was a conscious decision, yes. I had dropped support for IE11 in the previous version because I added CSS variables and CSS grid, which are not well supported.

For version 4 I wanted to streamline things, so I decided to only support modern browsers.


Nice. I didn't even look at the css. That makes sense.


Damn and it works smooth as well! 🔥 Good job!