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5 Reasons to Embrace Flutter for your Uber-like App Development

Flutter grew so popular among developers as it’s known for developing cross-platform applications using a single codebase. Since the release of the Flutter from Google on December 4, 2018, numerous tech companies see it as a suitable option for app development. It is an open-source software development kit, more developers are using it to create their own Uber for x service apps.

Here in this blog post, we are going to explore why Flutter is a good choice in developing On-demand apps.

I. Cross-Platform Development tool
With Flutter, you can develop applications in iOS and Android apps using a single codebase. You can just develop the code once and reuse it to create apps on other platforms.

It is easily compatible with different operating systems, causing no issues while developing. This ultimately saves development time for developers.

II. Faster App Development
Flutter has the feature ‘Hot Reload’, which helps in seeing the output of your code on your mobile screen at the time of development.

If developers need to change the code or solve an error, it is easy for them to see the changes immediately. The changes made in the source code immediately reflected in the running app without the need for restarting.

This is possible due to the Flutter made using Dart programming language, an object-oriented programming language.

III. Less Testing Effort
It takes less time to test the whole product as the whole product built from a single codebase. All they got to do is test a single product to find any logical errors and usability.

IV. Suitable for MVP Development for your Uber-like app
Minimum Viable Product is a product having minimalistic features to get business ideas and product design validation from the customers. The MVP is usually developed faster to release quickly into the market for learning the current customer needs.

Flutter development gives the advantage of developing product applications faster and in various operating systems, it is easy to launch your product faster in the market.

V. Attractive and Flexible Widgets
Flutter technology comes with a library full of various widgets. Developers can build easily responsive apps at a short time into multiple platforms.

You can customize the widget according to the product requirements and also help in building attractive widgets in a short span of time.

To develop an Uber-like app using Flutter, Wooberly - Uber clone script be the best fit for your needs.

Wooberly is a ready-made Uber clone software, easily customizable to any Uber for x products, enclosed with all the essential features for the real-time working of Uber-like apps.

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