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How I Get Website [Wordpress] Layout Idea

I am doing some wordpress design for my own website and want to really make it look nice with some flow. Being a DevOps does not mean I am also a super web geek marketer that looks for weather the buttons are this green or that green color.

What I do care about is that my site loads under 2 seconds and has Google Score above 91 (currently sitting at 94).

This is what I do, I go to pintrest, which I always believed to be more for fashionistas and etsy people however upon looking for that one specific type of template I landed on pintrest the other day and found out there is thousands of templates I can look through.

Just look at this sh**! Elementor Templates

Ok so next just search for red wordpress themes :) ..

Another site I went to is the 99designs , if you must find this contests link, just scroll all the way at the bottom and click Design Contests on there you will find all kind of stuff and mostly looks really cool.

So there you have it my Devs.

Btw my favorite wp speed template is Neve with image optimizer + Cloudflare DNS.

Oh and few more plugins.. which now that I think of, I should write a Dev Post about it!

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