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Thought for the day: Software should promote inclusivity

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Scott Simontis

I would love to see this, but most marketing these days just seems to be bull**it bingo. Replace your infrastructure with serverless Kubernetes to achieve better ROI than hyperconvergence while streamling DevOps processes! Crap, I forgot to throw the word Agile in there too.

I don't understand who the target is for a lot of tech marketing. If it's meant for me, a developer, give me a trial and let me go at it. Draw my attention to what's better than the competition. And it better be well-polished, because it's a hard no from me if your knowledge management app can't correctly parse Markdown. I can write my own broken Markdown parser for free, thank you very much :P

I think Open Source could see a lot of success with this, but there's still going to be a big collection of people who think like me, and then there's the whole crows who thinks its evil to even try to make a living off of Open Source products.

You can't market something you don't have and this system requires real values. Not some corny crap in an orientation manual, but real values that are practiced by everyone in the company, from the CEO down to the lowliest intern, on a consistent basis. Coming from the consulting world, I saw many companies who had no values except to raise the bottom line whatever the cost. All those things sound expensive to implement so they'll go back to lying about billable hours and selling Agile waterfalls.

I like your message those and it's something I am going to write down and look at from time to time to see if I am on the right course.