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Joe Masilotti

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An open-source reverse job board for Rails developers

Hi, ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm Joe Masilotti. I'm building railsdevs to make it easier for Ruby on Rails developers to find their next gig.

The idea is simple: you post your developer profile and companies reach out to you.

railsdevs is being built around three core values:

  1. Empowering the independent developer
  2. Doing everything in public
  3. Creating a safe, inclusive environment

Empowering the developer

I've been an independent developer for the past two years. And leads are rarely consistent. Sometimes I can't keep up with the work and other times I struggle to find my next gig.

And job boards are rarely helpful for freelance and contract work. They're focused on full-time roles.

railsdevs strives to give power back to the independent developer. Instead of companies posting their jobs, developers post their profiles. That way, the power dynamic is reversed as companies have to reach out to developers first.

Doing everything in public

railsdevs is an Open Startup and open source. It operates fully transparent and shares its metrics, like revenue and traffic.

On top of that, I'm making all my decisions in public. I'm posting questions and ideas when I'm looking for feedback on GitHub Discussions. And I'm tweeting about work in progress (and sneak previews) on Twitter.

If you're a freelance Rails developer looking for your next gig then add your profile! The site is 100% free for developers and is connecting devs like you to paid contracts.

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