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ANN: Version 0.9.0 of - efficient versioning of XML and JSON data / supports time-travel queries and diffing



I had already posted a couple of days ago, but I now released version 0.9.0 and maybe it's of some value for some of you, I still hope at least :-) is all about efficient versioning of your data. That is on the one hand it reduces the storage cost of storing a new revision during each transaction-commit while balancing read- and write-performance through a novel sliding snapshot algorithm and dynamic page compression. On the other hand Sirix supports easy query capabilities for instance to open a specific revision by a timestamp or revisions by a given timespan, to navigate to future or past versions of nodes in the tree-structure and so on. It basically never overwrites data and is heavily inspired by ZFS and borrows some ideas and puts these to test on the sub-file level.

Queries such as these are possible:

let $statuses := jn:open('mycol.jn','mydoc.jn', xs:dateTime('2019-04-13T16:24:27Z'))=>statuses
let $foundStatus := for $status in bit:array-values($statuses)
  let $dateTimeCreated := xs:dateTime($status=>created_at)
  where $dateTimeCreated > xs:dateTime("2018-02-01T00:00:00") and not(exists(jn:previous($status)))
  order by $dateTimeCreated
  return $status
return {"revision": sdb:revision($foundStatus), $foundStatus{text}}

It all started around 2006 as a university / Ph.D. project of Marc Kramis and I already spend my Bachelor's Thesis, Master's Thesis as well as several HiWi-Jobs on the project back then until 2012 and I'm still more eager than ever to put forth the idea of a versioned, analytics plattform to perform analytical tasks based on current as well as the history of the data.

I've been working a lot on the last couple of months and spent most evenings after my day to day software engineering Job. I had already posted around christmas, but now I've added a native JSON storage layer besides XML, that is the storage itself, XQuery extensions for JSON for joint XML- and JSON-querying, a RESTful-API also for JSON, added a website, a forum and first documentation... :-) and last night I release version 0.9.0.

So, any feedback, comments, suggestions, just everything is more than welcome. I'll happily (try to? ;)) answer any questions you might have. Happy easter everyone :-)

kind regards Johannes


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