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Johann Gonçalves Pereira
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Building Spotify with Elm-00

In this series I’ll be making a copy of the front end of Spotify using Elm and Scss. The main goal is to improve my skills, but also teach others and create a habit of making blog posts, while improving my writing in English. Before I start, I don’t know how long it will take to finish this project, but I’ll try to finish it within three weeks.

Why Spotify? And what will be built?

So, I love the Spotify interface, it’s really beautiful, clean and have one of the best ''dark sites'' in my opinion (I love dark sites). Really, you just take a tiny peek at the site and think that this was made by very good designers.

The plan is to make the views (Elm-Html), Stylesheet (Scss) and also add some functionalities to the site, such as:

  1. Pages (Home, Playlist, Your Library, Search).
  2. Change playlist pages.
  3. (SPA) Single page application with elm.
  4. The bottom player.
  5. And... Idk with time I'll figure it out what I need to do.

How will I execute it?

Everyday I’ll write about the progress of the project. The posts will be short and they will have a list of resources in the end.

I’ll be following the best practices (that I Know) of Elm and Scss.

What are the tools that I will use for this project?

The technologies that I will use:

  • Elm

    • ^0.19.1
    • Do I need to explain why?
  • Docker

    • ^20.10.8
    • To make our life easier
  • Git

    • Because it’s the git
  • VSCode or any IDE that you like

Yes! Just that for today.

How can you help?

  • Open issues for suggestions of better approaches or ideas for the site.
  • Connect Discord Johann Pereira#7150
  • Star the Github repository.
  • Follow me on Github.


Author: Johann Gonçalves Pereira
Reviewed by: Nathali Thiemy Motooka
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