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React Hooks with Typescript: Use State and Use Effect in 2020

In this title, we are going to see how functional components can be used with react hooks to reduce the amount of code used in writing class-based components and still achieving all the features of it.

We are going to use typescript for this tutorial so that our code remains 100% typesafe, and I must say if you are doing a big project, Typescript is a must feature one should go with, which helps to keep the code clean.

The above command will create a project with the name codersera-hooks-tutorial. Once it is done, go straight to the directory and either npm start or yarn start, will kickstart the project.

We will be using yarn throughout this tutorial to maintain consistency.

Let us now integrate antd ( a design library by the name of ant design), which we will be using to have some standard UI components. And, this does not have to do anything with hooks or react in general.

For complete code and structure, you can use this React Hooks with Typescript

Part 2

React-Redux Hooks with Typescript in 2020

This is going to be a continued version of our previous blog, React Hooks with Typescript, So if you are new to hooks, I would suggest looking into that article first, which talks about setting up the starter kit of react hooks with typescript and AntD for UI components.

If you know basic of react hooks, like useEffect or useState, you can even give it a skip.

Since React push using of functional components, a lot of libraries around react start publishing their own hooks, Redux being one of them, as almost most react project use redux these days.

The Redux hooks APIs provide an alternative to connect HOC and go away with mapStateToProps, and mapDispatchToProps, and I must say these hooks API provide a much cleaner way of doing that.

Now without going much in theory, lets deep dive into the coding part.

create a new component file src/components/ReduxHooksComponent.tsx, if not already with 2 input fields and a submit button.

Complete Code with an example you can use this link React-Redux Hooks with Typescript in 2020

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