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React Native Web Vs React – A Comparison Guide For 2020

Often many of you are wondering isn’t React already existing for many years now and what is the point of the react-native web? Also, some people are thinking are both React native web and React the same thing?

Let’s check this comparison guide for 2020 for React native web and React and find out how “React-native for web” makes it possible to run React native components and APIs on the web using React DOM.

It is as simple as that. So, if you have an app and you want to build a web version of it, you should definitely learn React Native Web.

React Native Web Vs React
React web came before react native and much before react native for web.

Since react used virtual dom concept and there was a code conversion from jsx to html, developers thought of using the same concept for the apps, i.e. Write jsx and convert the code into java and objective c under the hood. And that’s how react native was born.

Also, developers thought of simplifying the code writing process by writing one code instead of two codebases. This way you have to write just one code and let it get converted into html, java, and objective c under the hood. And that’s how React native for web was born.

Is React Obsolete now or can React Native Web And React Together?

Although react native web is a great way to build your website, but I’d say use it only when you have plans to build both web and app versions together, or if you already have an app in react-native and are planning to launch the web version.

But, If you are looking to build only the website, then React is the way to go.

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get converted into html, java, and objective c under the hood

React Native (+Web) doesn't actually convert the code to Objective C under the hood. It merely runs the code (JavaScript/TypeScript) in React Native's JavaScript Interface (JSI) on the respective platforms.