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Top interview question on Angular

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a project manager in a large enterprise, or a CTO, you are well aware that the success of your project rests on your ability to find top developers.

In this guide, you‘ll find example interview questions and answers you can refer to when seeking a new Angular developer to build your web applications. You‘ll also get some practical advice on how to use these Angular interview questions to reliably identify the best people for the job.

These interview questions are for Angular versions 2, 4, 5, 6 (simply referred to as ’Angular‘). If you are looking for developers for the original AngularJS JavaScript framework, click here for the AngularJS interview questions.

These are some Angular basic interview questions are for screening Angular developers. It‘s important to know before hiring an Angular developer that they will need guidance from more experienced developers. Therefore, a great dev will be able to execute tasks given by senior developers. Skip to the Senior Developer section if you need someone who can lead your Angular project.

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rosseyn profile image

These are extremely junior level or otherwise pedantic questions that mainly quiz your knowledge of buzz word definitions from 5-10 years ago or extremely basic trivia.

The only thing this might help with is whether the person you're interviewing has read some angular articles and tried a hello world.

marcussa profile image
Marcus S. Abildskov

Yeah, articles like these are bullshit.

richardruge profile image

These are fine questions but be sure to pick and choose from the large pool of questions. Some are very basic and some are for your stronger juniors.

Also, you don't want to start asking the difficult interview questions first. It's hard enough to make your candidate feel at ease. Otherwise, you have no idea whether his nerves overrode his/her ability to answer.

Sure, they need some pressure but jeez, have a little understanding for how intimidating the interview is; they're juniors.

techgeekbuzz profile image

Here we have also listed a good number of angular interview questions

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