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This year I got a new job at a place called GoReact that allows me to work remote if I wish. I currently am enjoying working remote 3 times a week, and going in to the office on the other 2 days. As such, I needed a comfortable, ergonomic, productive workspace for myself at home. I have the fortune of living in an apartment that has an extra bedroom we don't use, so I use that as my home office. It's taken me close to a year to acquire all the pieces I wanted in a dream office, but I finally have a space put together that helps me feel inspired and productive while working. So, without further ado, here it is:

Side view of my workstation setup

Here's another view of it from straight on.

Front view of my workstation setup

I'm very proud of this workspace. Sure, it could use some help in the cable management department, among other places, but I love it. A lot of this I owned before setting up this home office, and some of it I bought when getting my space set up.

Here is a list of the things you'll see that make up my workspace:

Miscellaneous non-work related items:

  • Dwight Schrute Bobblehead
  • Dundie Award
  • Korbanth Graflex 2.5 Lightsaber (empty hilt kit, self-assembled)
  • DJI Ronin S
  • Breath of the Wild Divine Beasts desk light from VividDelights

Well, that's it. That's my workspace. It's got two windows so I get plenty of natural light. (they were closed so the photos wouldn't be backlit like crazy) It has a door I can close and lock so I don't need to worry about my sweet 5 year old walking in while I'm in an important meeting. It works perfectly for me.

I'm quite satisfied with the current state of my office. I am, however, saving up for a custom build gaming PC. My MacBook Pro is work-issued, can't play most of my video games, and definitely can't do VR. (I have an Oculus Rift S) So it may be close to a year before I can get that, but that's next on my list of what to add once I've saved up a bit more.

Let me know what you think! I'd also love to see some other workstations from the rest of y'all!

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Looks like a great office, also little jealous of you guys that can work from home :)

Did you use two or more monitors before? And how does an ultra-wide compare?

Asking cause im considering buying one myself soon.


I'm definitely lucky to be able to be remote even part time. And I'm working my way up to being full time remote, that's my goal.

I have used two monitors before, and I personally prefer this one. Like I've mentioned to a few others, this 32:9 aspect ratio is perfect because it's two 27 inch 16:9 monitors side by side but with no bezel in the middle to get in the way. It's a much more enjoyable experience for me personally. :)

If you're going to get an ultra-wide, definitely get one with the 32:9 aspect ratio. I've tried smaller ones and the window sizing of two snapped windows is not ideal.


I have ultra wide and an extra monitor. Works even better!


It's too neat to be a developers workstation I think. Needs coffee cups and tchotchkes.. Maybe some plants. Nice monitor though.


Thanks! :D And I used to have a plant and then it died... And then I tried a fake one and it looked nice for a bit but then got super dusty haha.


Nice I am still working on my home office piece by piece. I also use the area for gaming as well but focus on the office setup as priority. I have 2 curved monitors at home but eventually think down the line of upgrading to one very wide like you have. How are you liking your monitor? Do you find its easier then 2 monitors?


Love the monitor. It's amazing. The one I have isn't 4k, it's only 1080p, but that works fine for me. (although they do have these monitors in 4k which I would love, but you know, cost haha)

I actually do find it easier than two. This aspect ratio is literally two 16:9 monitors side by side but without the bezel in the middle. Super great.


I also work from home but every day and I am currently making my home office. I like very much your monitor and that chair looks very comfy.

I hope to be able soon to share my setup complete, sadly here in Mexico is a little harder to build a decent office because of the wages, but I am more than halway there. :)


The chair is very ergonomic which is perfect since I often get back pain in other chairs.

I'm stoked to see your setup when you've got it how you like it! Keep up the hard work!


What a big monitor, you split windows i think


Definitely. :) I use BetterTouchTool to have snapping capability like Windows has.


How do you handle panes with such a wide monitor? Does that work easily? Did you use two monitors before?


I use BetterTouchTool to give me snapping like Windows lets you do. This aspect ratio is 32:9, so you get two 16:9 monitors (essentially) without any bezel. I have always before this used two separate monitors and I really love this setup.


wow really cool monitor. Do you still dress for work though? just curious. :)


Thanks! If I sleep till 5 minutes before my morning standup at 9 then I'll throw on a shirt and keep wearing my pajama pants. But that's rare, and usually I still shower and get dressed before work. I personally am not nearly as productive when I'm wearing PJs. I need that clear separation, but that's just me personally. I know there are many who are perfectly productive in PJs, but that's not me haha.