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John Demian
John Demian

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Planning to launch a SaaS? You need to know this one little thing.

While this concept I'm about to explain applies to everyone running a software as a service business, it will be of real importance to developers.

It's developers like you and I that don't really take in consideration feedback from users and kind of create this idea in their minds of how the product should feel like and then go knee deep in it without too much hesitation.

I've done this, and paid a steep price for my ignorance.

After I started it got some great feedback right off the bat so I raised some money and then doubled down on the development of the product.

I wanted to build this extensive, over the top segmentation feature that would make a force to be reckoned with.

Or so I thought.

There was a huge flaw in my plan. Only I was interested in that level of segmentation.

Fast forward 6 months and an outrageous amount of money spent and my segmentation feature did nothing for us.

The cruel thing about this whole story is that I knew how to avoid it, I was warned about this becoming a possibility yet I still did it anyways.

The only thing I had to do is: ask for user feedback.

Doubling down on user feedback

Once I've figured out that there a lots of other people like me I figured out how to use Eyelet in order to wrong my own wrongs, and who knows, maybe I'll ensure that one less SaaS founders follows in my steps.

Using the Eyelet bots, I've created a simple NPS survey that doubles down on the feedback aspect.

Instead of collecting a simple numeric score that represents the NPS, I'm using the actual feedback of all the previous users. This way I can gauge the satisfaction with the product or feature but also create a way to offer help depending on the most popular issues.

So if they offer a good feedback, I can ask for a review on G2 or Capterra, but if they have a bad experience, instead of ending the survey there I can provide help in the form of a product tour, a link to a roadmap or perhaps give them the option to schedule a call with our support team.

Clever, right?

Here's a video I've made on this subject, if you find it useful consider dropping a like.

Good luck, and I really hope you'll be smarter than I was.

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Aidas Petryla

Great reminder to keep focus on the customer. I'm a great believer in customer centricity and that the customer can direct business to solve the real pain points and make the product even better than originally thought. ^^