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Blog post: Giving a talk at CopenhagenJS

I have recently started attending the meetings at my local JavaScript user group CopenhagenJS. I am by no means a JavaScript programmer, but they caught my attention when I started evaluating and playing around with Node and almost all of the developer podcasts I consume recommend getting out there.

Last week a call for speakers came out with 3 slots available.

So I thought I might as well give it a shot, I have attended several meetups, perhaps it would be time to give something back. I have previously given talks at local users groups, workshops and conferences home and abroad, but most of them have been centered around Perl. Well I actually gave a talk at CopenhagenJS back in April 2012.

Since I cannot give a educational talk on Node or JavaScript I thought I should offer something else and I am very much at a rookie level and I am still experimenting and learning when it comes to JavaScript and Node.

I have however been an open source developer/contributor for a very long time and perhaps I could offer something in this regard. So I though about what I have been working with lately and I decided for Markdownlint.

I promised the organizers to provide a bullet list for my talk, so they could decide if it would be of interest, so here goes my bullet list.

  • Markdown - what is Markdown?
  • Markdownlint - what is a linter? comparison to ESLint?
  • A brief and very inaccurate history of Markdownlint - the Ruby and the Node implementation
  • What does Markdownlint provide? - uniformity and correctness
  • Linting rules and the exceptions to the rules
  • Tool-chain and editor integration - VSCode and Sublime Text
  • Bonus material integration with CI/CD - Travis CI example

This is just a draft, when the slides are shaping up, I might add new parts or skip some of the suggestions, most likely that additions will be made.

I am using Markdownlint quite extensively for open source projects, which is good, because then it will be easy to show real-life examples and for me personally it is a good opportunity to structure my notes, practices and use of tools.

I will publish the slides for those of you who are interested and I might supplement the slides with a write-up of my presentation, I find it a good practise to do this if you have time, since it often can evaluate the information flow and presentation structure.

Wish me luck in getting the presentation accepted.

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Tobias SN

I didn’t know that here was a JS a conference here in small Denmark!

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Jonas Brømsø

Hi Tobias,

Well it is just a user-group meeting regularly :-)

For something more along the lines of a conference on the topic of front-end development, checkout Coldfront.

For user-groups checkout plenty of user-groups listed there.