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Release 1.53 of perl-workflow, a minor feature release

Release 1.53 of Workflow should be available on CPAN by now.

It is a minor feature release. Internally we had some discussion on this should have been a major release since the release does contain some changes that could be regarded as breaking.

In the end we decided not to stick to a minor release, since we do expect the use cases, in which the changes could cause issues are limited and instead we document the changes and home that consumers of 1.53, will take appropriate actions where and if need be.

The changes in 1.53 contains improvements to logging. The logging granularity has improved and it now uses the root logger and the the instance class for all logging in object methods as recommended in the Log4perl documentation.

This change allows logging from Workflow to be suppressed in your application by changing the logging level for the Workflow category by setting log4perl.category.Workflow = OFF in your configuration.

The tricky part is, that if you have created classes derived from Workflow, the logger will use those class names as categories. To suppress output entirely, those categories need their own logging configuration.

The next tricky part is the addition of a new log() accessor to the Workflow::Base class. If you implement your own log() accessor or method, please take care to make it return a valid logger instance before calling SUPER::new() so the logger is immediately available for logging.

Please let us now if you are experiencing any issues with the new release, we hope that the work will just keep flowing with Workflow.

Please report any issues and ask question via the GitHub repository.

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