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Release 1.57 of perl-workflow, a bug fix release

Due to extreme workload at my job, we have not made as much progress as we would like.

My tireless collaborator Erik Huelsmann have fixed a few bugs and they have made into release 1.57 released today.

We hope to pick up on the forthcoming 2.0 release as soon as things settle at a somewhat normal level again.

Here follows the change log of release 1.57.

Change Log

The original is available on GitHub

1.57 2021-10-17 Bug fix release, update recommended

  • PR #170 by @ehuelsmann addresses an issue where Workflow tries to log during the execution of use statements, at which time it's highly unlikely that the logger has already been initialized, resulting in warnings being printed on the console

  • PR #171 by @ehuelsmann adds initialization of context parameters passed at instantiation; currently, parameters need to be added explicitly and individually after instantiation

  • PR #173 by @ehuelsmann addresses issue #172, fixing failure to automatically run actions from the INITIAL state

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