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Release 1.9.14 of Perl distribution Crypt::OpenSSL::X509

A new release of the Perl distribution Crypt::OpenSSL::X509 have been uploaded to CPAN.

The release contains contributions from 5 separate people including myself.

  • 9 PRs merged
  • 4 issues addressed

The PRs had been building up for some time, so I am very happy I was able to find the time to go through them all. There are still 10 open issues and I hope they can get some attention too.

The biggest challenge is OpenSSL 3 support, where we are not exactly there, but I believe we are at a more stable point now, which is a good starting point for this work.

From the trial release was made (2022-04-26) to now, two bugs were addressed and fixed. Both where introduced with 1.9.14-TRIAL.

  • One should have been caught by me in my review
  • Another was introduced by me in an attempt to streamline some code

So in retrospect, just like with the improvements to the CI work and use of the trial release process, I will work to improve in this area - I am thankful for the PRs, which corrected my errors, but the issues where... obvious and should never have been there.

Luckily the contributors, were quick in addressing these and PRs where received an processed, making it into the final release.

Thanks to all who contributed:

Change log

1.9.14 2022-05-03

  • Applied PR #109 from @ikedas fixing a bug found in 1.9.14-TRIAL, where the wrong API was called, propably due to a typo in the name

  • Applied PR #108 from @skaji a bug found in 1.9.14-TRIAL, where a possible interpolatation was probibited due to quoting

  • Applied patch from @ikedas PR #105 make the pattern match for LLVM version number in the 12 series a bit more liberal. This was followed up by PR #107 by @jonasbn

  • Applied patch from @timlegge PR #102 adressing issues: #45 and #95 with only a more strict use of compiler flags if environment variable AUTHOR_TESTING is set to true

  • Added enhancement from @michal-josef-spacek introducing use of Crypt::OpenSSL::Guess, which can be used to determine placement of OpenSSL libraries via PR #104. The idea originates from issue #97 raised by @ikedas and addresses: #94 also from @ikedas

  • The above was followed up by a PR from @jonasbn #106 enabling installation of configure section for CI jobs for both cpanm and cpm

  • Metadata on bug tracker was updated with release 1.9.13, documentation updated with this release. Addressing issue #80 raised by @skaji, update by @jonasbn

  • Patch from @timlegge via PR #103 improving handling of OpenSSL API versions

  • Patch from @skaji via PR #100 making use of constants in XS code

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