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Releases of Perl Distributions Crypt::OpenSSL::PKCS12 and Crypt::OpenSSL::X509

Maintaining a lot of different Perl distributions and open source projects is very time consuming and I do not spend as much time on this as I would like and often I do not pay attention to projects for a long time, unless something pushes me to give proper attention.

Sometimes I am luckly that somebody else provide put in the work, in the form of fixes or PRs and I just have to review and release.

The other day an issue was created for Crypt::OpenSSL::X509 by Shoichi Kaji (thanks!). The issue was not a PR, but it did contain a proposal for a solution.

The issue was building the X509 distribution on a M1 Mac with Homebrew. Apparently some of the paths for the C libraries had changed - anyway I got the proposed solution converted into a PR and a release.

Shoichi Kaji was so kind to report back to be that the new release of Crypt::OpenSSL::X509 was working as expected.

I knew that the same issue would be applicable for Crypt::OpenSSL::PKCS12, so I created a release of this distribution also.

I am not doing so much active maintenance as I would like on these distributions, but I do release whenever possible and especially if prodded.

IMHO contributions are the energy of open source, I know some maintainers and developers are drowning in contributions and the administrative burden of this become overwhelming. At the same time there are a lot of projects, which do not suffer from this. Here every contribution is what keep these projects alive and let others know that the projects are not completely dead.

Thanks to all the contributors to open source, your contributions is what keep things going - at least it is for me.

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