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TIL: Colorful test output in Go

The standard command line use when testing go:

$ go test
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Colors your test output according to your terminal configuration.

@rakyll has implemented a cool tool gotest for coloring your test output, so you have passing tests colored green, failing tests marked red etc.

$ gotest
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You can customize the colors for failing tests and passing tests via environment variables using the palette of your terminal.

GOTEST_PALETTE="red,green" gotest
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The first color being for failures and the second one being for passes.

Colorful terminal test output

To find the colors in for example open the Preferences, your profile and the color tab.

iTerm preferences

Use the names for the colors in the environment variables

Resources and References

  1. GitHub: rakyll/gotest

This article was lifted from my TIL collection

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Mark Gardner

Might want to tag/title these with #GoLang as well as #Go. The latter is too short for search results here.

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Jonas Brømsø

Done, thanks Mark