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Coding procrastination keeps me back and my plan to handle the future

It's been two months since my last bootcamp. Let the coding procastination begin! Sadly, I am no closer to the goal I set forth to complete by August 1st, 2019. From this previous post, I made my intention clear that I would do everything it took to finally land a coveted tech job. Yet now I find myself in a government funded skilled trades program. While I'm grateful for the opportunity and tactile experiences, I feel my bias against this employ remain still. The program and text books are free so it's soemthing different, but I don't see any longer term career out of this. For now, I'll stick it out and continue to work on ways to get back into the software development habit.

But to make that habit successful, I need to understand how I get distracted from coding when life opportunities occur.

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