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Five Reasons Why I Love Python

There are a lot of things I love about Python, but here are five reasons why I love Python and the community around it.

A couple of years back I had a conversation with a friend who was learning Python. We were discussing how I was able to learn Python easily. He asked me if I knew any tricks to learn Python quickly.

I said I didn’t know any tricks. I was just a nerd who loves playing with code on my computer. I don’t know why I was able to learn it quickly. It just happened.

  • Python is easy to read and write

Python has a simple and clean syntax, which makes it a joy to use! There are many programming languages out there, but to me, none is better than Python. Yes, I know, this is a bold statement to make about a programming language.

  • Great Community

One of the best things about Python is the community. The amount of people willing to help you, and the amount of resources available, are amazing .

  • Clean Code

Python has very strict syntax rules which makes your code much more readable than in many other languages. This enables you to write code faster , while having full code coverage (it’s always great to see a 100% line coverage on your unit tests).

  • It’s regular and consistent.

Python follows a very regular syntax - indentation determines how the rest of the line is structured. If you’ve ever used JSX or XML you’ll instantly feel at home. All of the quirks of Python are there for a reason - it works. There are clear and easy to understand rules throughout the language, which makes it much easier to parse quickly and remember specific parts of the language when needed.

  • Tons of freely available libraries.

You can make GUI apps with pyqt, tkinter, make web apps with Flask or Django and even do Machine Learning with sklearn

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