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First Week

So, first week at the new job. I am training virtually, of course. The first couple of days was mostly admin stuff and the rest of the week was learning their processes and the start of me learning WordPress, PHP, and setting up some of my connections. Overall, good fun! It looks like I may not actually touch code for another week, but that's fine. I don't want to mess anything up. Haha.

On the LaunchCode side, last day of Teaching Fellow Training was Wednesday and class starts Monday. This is virtual as well and through Zoom (which I've only started using 2 weeks ago). A few of us did a small meet up to learn how to do some of the things in Zoom that we didn't know. Now I feel more comfortable with it. Now to get more comfortable with explaining what's being learned...

Gonna have a restful weekend and be ready to tackle next weekend full force!

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