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Elixir 1.11 released

Elixir 1.11 dropped today, just in time for ElixirConf EU! From the release notes:

Over the last releases, the Elixir team has been focusing on the compiler, both in terms of catching more mistakes at compilation time and making it faster. Elixir v1.11 has made excellent progress on both fronts

Some notable features include:

Tighter Erlang integration

Requires Erlang/OTP 23+

Integrates with Erlang's new log levels, notice, critical, alert, and emergency. And the Logger now supports structured logging.

IEx has also been given a little bump. You can now see improved documentation for Erlang modules.

Compiler checks

Application boundary checks meaning the compiler makes sure modules you invoke are listed as dependencies.

Data structure checks, the compiler will now check structs and maps across a function. With 1.11 missing fields in structs and maps will now be caught during compile time.

Compilation time improvements

The number of files compiled will now be reduced. 1.11 does this by marking imports and requires as export dependencies. Meaning it won't need to recompile those files every time a change is made.

See the release notes for more information!

What features are you excited about?

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