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Big Data Certifications: Your means to advance your career

Big Data analytics market is set to reach $103 billion by 2023. With it, the demand for Big Data professionals is set to increase too. Companies are looking to onboard talent to make the best of available data. As companies race towards realizing their Big Data goals, it is good time for aspiring big data analytics professionals to hone their skills and get ahead in their game.

Taking Big Data certifications can accelerate learning the requisite skills and make you stand out from the crowd. Besides demonstrable experience, certifications from leading organizations and institutions will give you an edge over competing professionals. Industry-validated skills build more trust and credibility among employers, boosting chances for promotions and growth.

Here are top Big Data certifications from credible institutions which you can take –

1. Certified Analytics Professional

This certification equips you with solving analytics problems, build model, implement analytics at an enterprise level, and model lifecycle management.

2. Associate Big Data Engineer
This Big Data certification is offered by DASCA and equips candidates with skills in R, Hadoop, Hive, Yarn and other Big Data tools. This is a vendor-neutral certification and serves as a strong foundation for fresh graduates entering the big data jobs market. The certification provides an unparalleled exposure to Big Data workings. Irrespective of the tools you are working with, this certification will be valuable..

3. Cloudera Certified Professional
Cloudera offers an array of certification under the Cloudera Certified Professional, including Cloudera Certified Data Engineer. This certification provides skills to build reliable, scalable, and optimized data pipelines for various workloads. This is specifically for Data Engineer aspirants.

4. EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certifications

This certification offers the Data Scientist credential upon successfully qualifying the exam. The training covers Hive, HBase, natural language processing, and other advanced techniques employed in data science.

5. SAS Certified Data Scientist
This is a vendor-oriented certification, equipping candidates with skills to use SAS-based tools at their fullest capabilities. However, before taking SAS Certified Data Scientist, two preliminary certifications need to be completed. You must have good programming skills to deal with data management, data quality, and visual data exploration.

6. IBM Certified Data Engineer

This certification is meant for Data Engineers looking to advance their skills. To take this certification, you should already have skills in cluster management, networking, data modelling skills, etc. BigSQL, BigInsights, Hadoop and NoSQL are some softwares which you will get your hands while doing this certification.

7. AWS Certified Big Data Specialty
This certification from AWS ( Amazon Web Services) tests skills to derive value from data using AWS services. Before you take this certification, you must have one certification from the range of AWS collection – SysOps Administrator, DevOps, Cloud Practitioner, or Cloud Architect etc.

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