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Josephus Paye II
Josephus Paye II

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#CreateWeekly: Create something new publicly every week in 2020

This year I want to create 52 new things, 1 every week.


Write, code, design


A standalone artifact that will remain after the week in which it is created. Small enough that it can be done in 6 hours or less.

Could be:

  • A blog article
  • A small code project or contribution to an open source project
  • A product idea, concept, or design prototype
  • An illustration, sketch, logo, or some other visual artifact
  • Other creative things


Something that hasn't been done before by me. Continuation, completion, or "final polish" of projects across weeks is not allowed to avoid the trap of perfectionism.


Projects must be publicly available on GitHub or, with a link tweeted from @JosephusPaye.

Every week

One complete project every 7 days. First week starts on Wednesday, January 1 at 12am AEST and ends Tuesday, January 7 at 11:59pm AEST. Subsequent weeks follow with a similar time frame.


To get better at designing, coding, and writing. To get better at shipping. To develop consistency and discipline. To overcome procrastination and perfectionism which frequently prevents me from following through and completing my goals. To get comfortable with working and failing in public. To exercise and develop my creativity.

Will you join me?

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