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All you need to know about AWS Snowball for Data Transfer

This is a service by AWS to securely transfer large amounts of data to and from Amazon s3. Sizes of data can that require this service can range from terabyte to petabyte. The snowball service comes in the form of a storage device either of 50 TB or 80 TB depending on the region the organization is in.
The reason an organization may opt for this service is the speed involved in transferring data to and from the AWS S3. AWS Snowball is highly noted for transferring large amounts at a high-speed rate.
All data transferred through this medium are encrypted with 256-bit encryption keys generated from AWS key management service. Wondering if your data with this storage medium could get lost? Don't because there is end-to-end tracking using an E-link shipping label which makes it possible for the snowball to land at your doorstep. Tracking of the device can be done using AWS SNS (simple notification service) with text messages.

Features of AWS Snowball

  1. Fast data transfer
  2. Snowball Clustering
  3. GPU Storage
  4. Block Support
  5. Data Encryption

AWS Snowball can also be used in the following instances;
Content Distribution - that is if you want to share content or data with others without worrying about breaches
Tactical Edge Computing - AWS snowball have powerful computing, flexible storage, security, and ruggedization which helps federal teams focus on their work
Machine Learning - Snowball allows you to deploy and run machine learning models, such as document classification and image bulling.

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