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The AWS community Builders program is open to everyone around the globe. It is a community that comprises beginners, intermediaries, and advanced users of AWS Services. This community is full of activities that will enable you to learn more about AWS services, and how to apply an AWS service in your field of work. you get the opportunity to share and teach other people as well. This community will give you access to technical materials, mentorship opportunities from AWS employees, and opportunities to meet and make new friends and share ideas to make AWS services better.

MY Experience

I joined the community builders program this year and I have really benefited a lot. From meeting new AWS enthusiasts to having direct contact with AWS employees in the field of security to being part of amazing sessions where I get to learn how to use AWS services in certain fields of cybersecurity. I had the opportunity of expanding my knowledge of AWS services by taking courses on Cloud Academy. Participating in Tabletop exercises has broadened my horizon on certain topics in Cybersecurity and it has helped me in my career. It is the early days yet, the best part of being a community builder is having the opportunity to share what you learn and learn from what other people have shared as well. If my experience has moved you to join the community then visit AWS Community Builders Website** and add your name to the waitlist**. Can't wait to see you all join the program in the next quarter.

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Thanks for spredding the word :)