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Discussion on: Moving to Split Keyboard AND new layout!

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Never really liked wrist rest for split boards, always felt like I had to adjust them every time I reach for the mouse.

Ended up with low profile on my Lilys (Chocs & no case & rubber feets underneath the PCB) instead and find it much more comfortable because the hand ist resting on the table without having to bend my wrists too much.
But its a dangerous rabbit hole, starts with one basic split keyboard and ends with intricate keymaps and a drawer full of builds because you had to try another keyboard with slightly more staggered pinkies.

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Daniel Mayovsky Author

Yeah I've seen quite a few members on Discord that have like 15 split keyboards :)
I'm thinking of my next build to be Chocs with a tiny acrylic case at most, and MBK keycaps. But that's somewhere in the future. I have to get used to this keyboard first, before I decide whether I want another split :)