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How to Keep Up with the Front-End Industry

Here are some tips while staying up-to-date with any large knowledge set, like programming, the news, or anything!

  • Watch out for overwhelm and take a break if needed
  • Recognize you can't know everything
  • Share what you're learning with coworkers and friends
  • Follow the people/groups that make you excited about the topic
  • Contribute to the conversation: write blog posts, Tweet, or record podcasts
  • Diversify your sources (one person doesn't have all the answers)
  • Automate where possible (Feedly and Pocket Casts help me)


Here is a collection of front-end resources for staying up-to-date with all things front-end related (in no particular order).

Email Newsletters




Check out Wes Bos's other courses


There are too many people and groups to list here. I've made a Twitter list. Feel free to follow it or pick out individuals that stand out to you.

I hope this advice and these resources help you in staying up-to-date with the front-end industry! This is a collection of resources that have found helpful over the years and I hope it serves you well.

What resources or tips can you recommend for staying up-to-date with the front-end industry?

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