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Dusabe Johnson
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Task force 4.0 week 1 Experience

if it doesn't challenge you, it can never change you

The origin

It all starts Monday 25th Oct 2021 at 9:00 AM to be exact, where i got to meet all the Taskforce 4 team members, and have some information on how the program will go then the learning began.
where we started with team building session, learning to communicate inside the team in order to achieve success in our work, it really challenged me and learned that communication it's not only about talking.

we kicked the week going with a little bit of technical challenge which was to come out with user stories of a given project idea, where we had discussion as team to make sure we all understand the project in the same way,

Cultural differences

during week one we also discussed about cultural differences, different stereotypes and how it can affect in business setup, and some measures to tackle that issue.

Business Pitching


We finished up with a Business Pitching session where we pitched our project we've been working on thought the week and got feedback, on what to improve to have a successful journey with our project. and we got introduced to the awesomity lab team and codeofafrica team vice versa.

generally it was a awesome week and had a lot fun, i'm just curious on what next week will bring.

const nextWeek = new Week();
nextWeek.ready("bring it on!");

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