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Jovan Savic
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I published App I been working on and this happened...

First of all, I wanna thank @danielw and @darksmile92 for helpful feedback on my website. I will apply it to my next website update.

Yesterday, I finally completed and published the app on Product Hunt & Website. Now, I wanna share results with you.

I expected less than 10 upvotes on Product Hunt and less than 5 registered users. My biggest fear was that no one will even visit a website and that I will have zero registered people.

But somehow I got a small response and I was so happy about it. More than 20 registered accounts, and almost 60 Upvotes (58 while I'm writing this) on Product Hunt.

Oh yeah, of course, I unexpected bug occurred :O "Quota has been exceeded for this project..." and visitors couldn’t download installation files. I was so lucky that T.E. was kind enough to point that out and I did quick transition to AWS where I already had uploaded files for download.

I'm still counting every registered user, and I plan to send each of them an email.

This is the app for personal projects, and customizable so it can be more personal itself. The whole point is to have something personal, and I want to get know with each person who uses the app.

Thanks for the support and feedback. Read post if you wanna know more, or check Product Hunt and/or Website.

The Track - Time Tracking App for Personal projects
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