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How to Get Feedback from Users

There are a lot of features I want to implement. But which one is most important? Which one will users appreciate the most?

Better to ask the way than go astray

It's a bad thing to guess what people want the most. If you are certain about something then do it. But if you are not sure, and there are a bunch of equally important features than it's better to ask, right?

That's why I'm creating Feedback page on The Track. Registered users could post suggestions, and everyone with account could vote. Most popular suggestions will be implemented first.

Oh, and everyone can see progress.

With Feedback page we will avoid developing cool features that people don't need. Also, we'll get feedback directly from those that are affected the most.

I'm curious what do you think about it?

What should we call this page? Feedback, Features, or something else?

What do you think about asking users for opinion and suggestion?

What's wrong with the approach?

What's good with this approach?

Once again, it's better to be harsh than to say nothing. I'm really looking forward to your feedback!

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I get to this post searching for that answer. How to get the feedback from users?

I think your approach is great, the idea of users voting the features is perfect. Do you finally implement that? It works for you?