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A JavaScript journey: Introduction

What is this about?
In this series of blogs, I will take you through my personal journey of learning JavaScript from my university/college project all the way to being hired as a Software Engineer (JavaScript) at one of the world's best known organisations.

This journey was unusual in that the first time I had used JS I built a Web3 (d)app. My initial experience of programming came in Java. I am writing this primarily to help solidify some of the things I've learnt in JavaScript and also to help others who might be at the start of their journey.

The prospective order of these blogs will follow the JavaScript apps I have built and tasks I have completed along the way. These include the blockchain dApp that I built, tasks that I completed for job applications and other courses that I have done along the way.

A little bit about me
I have recently graduated in Computer Science, where I was formally taught Java and SQL. As stated above, during my extended Summer project I learnt JavaScript (Node, Express, React) and Solidity.

Why did I start with a Web3 app?
I chose to build a Web3 app for my project while studying Computer Science. I am not a 'Web3' disciple per se, but I was curious to learn something new.

I hope that someone somewhere might find my posts useful!

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