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Enable Course Sidebar in open edX

Till the Ficus version of the open edX, there was no dedicated page for the course outline (which is now in the later releases), instead of it we were having course outline on the left side of the courseware page.

This course outline on the left side was pretty much handy as the user do not have to open a separate page to hop on to any particular section/subsection/unit.

This left-side course outline has not been removed from the source code. So, it is there on your platform - it is a good thing, isn't it?

Now, one will question that if the source code is still there and in working condition then How can I get it back?

open edX has made it very simple to get it back, for that you need to do the following thing:

  • open your LMS admin panel and search for the flag table under the waffle app and add the entry like this:


Now, open your courseware page and the course outline on the left side is back in action!


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Jared Christians

Is this available in ironwood.2-12