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How To Stay Motivated during #100DaysOfCode

Set A Goal

Why are you completing the #100DaysOfCode Challenge? For me, my goal is to get a job within 100 days using my coding skills. You may want to improve some skills, learn to code for the first time or learn a new stack. Either way, having a goal to accomplish at the end of the 100 days helps you stay motivated.

Make A Plan

What are you going to study during this time? You should have a plan of attack or you may get overwhelmed with completing a 100 day challenge. Make a road-map of skills you want to study and knock them out one by one.

Just Do It

Stop overthinking it silly. Sometimes you can overthink about something and procrastination takes over. Just commit to 5 minutes at a time if that’s all you have. You may be surprised to find yourself coding an hour later because you got into “the zone”. If you can’t solve a problem and it's bothering you, WALK AWAY. I often figure out an issue after taking a break from coding and come back to it. This is how you learn. As long as you start, you will figure out the problem.


You can burn out from coding too much. Instead of coding in one big chunk of time try taking lots of breaks (your eyes will thank me) and get some fresh air every once and awhile. Spending time on a coding issue while not making any process is going to cause frustration, stress and the worst of all-burnout. It’s super important to have a life balance and it actually helps you solve problems. You may be surprised that you think of the solution while out to eat with a buddy.

Join The Community

This challenge has a huge support network. You can follow #100DaysOfCode and your peers on Twitter. Write a blog post on and join #100DaysOfCode on Slack. You will be able to ask questions, find mentiors, follow your peers and sometimes find a job by being active in the community. It's really fun to see what others are completing on their challenge journey.

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