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Building my first package - Vue FormBuilder

Hi, have you ever used a 3rd party package that didn't work the way it was supposed to and it became so frustrating that you decided to build a better one yourself. Well....that's why I built my first package.

The Need

I run a Saas business and in the software, I have a form builder that allows the users to create forms such as contact forms that they can then embed onto their website and capture leads. But the form builder that I am currently using has issues such as when using a checkbox field if you have the checkboxes checked by default so the user can uncheck them, the values won't save properly. This is a problem! Because my user isn't able to use the form the way they would like to. Instead, we had to try a workaround.

Vue FormBuilder

I decided to build a form builder myself that would be built with Vue.js. The form builder I'm currently using is built with jQuery, I know, gross 🤮! Anyway, I'm hoping to be able to solve the issues I had with a new and improved form builder. With my package, there are two components <form-builder /> which renders the form builder and <form-render /> which will render the form that you build with the form builder.

Looking for contributors

I'm currently looking for contributors for the project so if you're interested in making this form builder amazing come check it out on GitHub at

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