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Jonathon Ringeisen
Jonathon Ringeisen

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Open-Source Contributors Needed!

Hello! I am working on building a FormBuilder similar to but without jquery. I am in the early stages of development and would love some help.

If you're interested in contributing to an open-source project, then come join me in building this form builder.

Things I'm planning to add:

  • Converted to a package.
  • More fields added such as radio and checkboxes.
  • A way to render the form to make it usable.

Example of a use case:
I currently use the jquery form builder on a Saas product that I built which allows my users to create custom contact forms that they can then embed into their website to collect leads. My Saas product is built with Laravel and Vue.js so I'm trying to avoid jQuery which is why I'm building this project.

Any contributions that add value to this open-source project are welcome! So I look forward to hearing from anyone that wants to contribute.

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