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Reflections on blogging

At the midway point of this year, I decided to pick up blogging as a new quarantine hobby. I stuck with it, writing a post every week since the beginning of July on a random JavaScript topic for my blog JS Bits. 🎉

Here are some of things I learned along the way:

  • Blogging is an awesome way to learn. When you actually write for other people, it really forces you to know your stuff. This extra consideration is great motivation.
  • has an awesome API. At first, I was copying and pasting articles between and my website. But with this API you can simply just fetch the article from your site and load it dynamically.
  • It's super interesting which kind of articles get the most engagement. Here are my top 5 posts this year:
  • Just writing once a week can feel like a chore after a while. I'm in awe of those who can keep it up regularly.
  • Despite this, I never felt there was a lack of topics, even excluding JS frameworks and libraries. There's so much to learn about even just the base language and I truly believe this is the best way to grow stronger as a dev.

So what's the plan for the future? Well, I think I'll continue blogging at my own pace - whenever an interesting topic crosses my mind. 🙂 I also plan on learning more about the latest VueJS updates as well as finding opportunities for mentoring.

Thanks everyone for reading and Happy New Year! 🍾

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