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Publisher Subscriber Design Pattern with C#


Publisher-Subscriber (pub-sub) is a design pattern that allows loose coupling between the application components.
Also the pattern is an implementation of event-driven architecture. For implementing this pattern we will mainly write two classes Publisher Class and Subscriber Class.

The major difference in Pub-Sub design is the event channel that publisher generates to notify changes to its subscriber without any knowledge of subscriber existence.

Realtime Examples:

  • Publisher class publishes an event ( like Youtube channels video notification ) for its' subscribers using an EventHandler.
  • Subscriber class receives the event ( like Youtube channel subscribers ) and handles it as it's needed.
  • EventHandler involved in this process of Publisher-Subscriber pattern to get notifications from Youtube Channel (Publisher) and send it to Channel subscribers.
  • Publisher class and Subscriber class doesn't have to know each other they both are connected to EventHandler.
  • Publisher will send the NotificationEvent to EventHandler and it will send the NotificationEvent to Subscribers.

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It would be good to have sample code since the title states C#