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TypeScript: Nullish Coalescing

The nullish coalescing operator is another upcoming ECMAScript feature that goes hand-in-hand with optional chaining.

You can think of this feature - the ?? operator - as a way to “fall back” to a default value when dealing with null or undefined. When we write code like

let x = foo ?? bar();
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Again, the above code is equivalent to the following.

let x = foo !== null && foo !== undefined ? foo : bar();
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The ?? operator can replace uses of || when trying to use a default value.

For example, the following code snippet tries to fetch the volume that was last saved in localStorage (if it ever was); however, it has a bug because it uses ||.

function initializeAudio() {
  let volume = localStorage.volume || 0.5;
  // ...

0 || 0.5 = 0.5 //wrong
0 ?? 0.5 = 0 //correct
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When localStorage.volume is set to 0, the page will set the volume to 0.5 which is unintended. ?? avoids some unintended behavior from 0, NaN and "" being treated as falsy values.

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