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Diversity Scholarship Program of JS Kongress 2020

Scaling JS — Pushing the Limits!

It’s our main goal for the JS Kongress 2020 (April 15–16) to have an inclusive event with a welcoming atmosphere where everybody feels welcome, so that people can connect, hang out, make friends — and all of this while learning about JavaScript and seeing beyond their own noses.

Why are we doing this?

Diversity Tickets give us the possibility to support someone who otherwise can’t be a part of the JS Kongress community. We are happy to have the opportunity to give a helping hand, as we have seen diversity tickets change the lives and careers of people in the community.

We believe that a more diverse crowd makes for a better event and community. If you agree, we invite you to become a Diversity Supporter by reserving your own seat and supporting another attendee with a share of 25%, 50%, 75% or a complete ticket (100%). Support Tickets are available in our ticket shop >>

If you want to offer support on a larger scale, please get in touch to become a Diversity Sponsor. Send a mail to >>

What is a Diversity Ticket

These tickets are made available for applicants either from underrepresented groups in tech or who do not have the means to finance the trip and participation. This includes, but is not limited to following examples: If you are a woman, or you are a person of color, or part of the LGBTQIA+ community, or you are a refugee, or you have any kind of handicap, or you are facing economic hardships — we want to invite you to be part of JS Kongress 2020.

To make that easier for you, we provide a limited number of free Diversity Tickets — funded by Support Tickets that are available in our ticket shop as well as Diversity Sponsors. Diversity Tickets are available in 2 versions: with or without travel support. The number of awarded tickets and options depends on the volume of the #jskongress Diversity Fund.

These tickets are available through an application procedure. Along with some information about who they are, we ask applicants a few questions about what they do in tech, and their motivation to be part of the JS Kongress community. These answers are for the jury, who will evaluate the applications and award the tickets.

Apply for a Diversity Ticket here >>

The #jskongress Diversity Fund is composed of Diversity Sponsors and Support Tickets, that are available in our ticket shop.

Important dates:

– Deadline for application: 2019–11–15

– Notification of applicants: 2019–11–25

The sanctity of applicant information

Applicant details and submission information will be shared exclusively with JS Kongress organizers for the purpose of the invitation. Diversity Sponsors and buyers of Support Tickets will not have access to applicant information.

How are fellows determined?

A limited number of tickets will be available (depending on the fund volume). The jury will thoroughly test each application to ensure it satisfies all requirements of the scholarship program before being added to a pool. Diversity Tickets will then be awarded via a lottery system. One submission per applicant is sufficient to maintain eligibility.

What does a Diversity Ticket include?

Diversity Tickets are full conference tickets, they include:

  • entrance to #jskongress 2020, April 15–16 in Munich, Germany
  • attending the complete main stage program
  • participation in #DeepTrack, the unconference where all participants create the program
  • food and drinks during the event (breakfast, hot lunch, coffee breaks, party on the first evening)
  • admission to the parties organized for the conference attendees, speakers, partners and staff
  • optional / depending on fund volume: support for travel and accommodation (up to €300)

Apply for a Diversity Ticket here >>

Want to support this Diversity Program?

We are currently opening the #jskongress Diversity Fund — tickets will be awarded at the end of November 2020.

Diversity Sponsorship is not money for a party, nor for fancy catering, or a nice booth. It is a chance for someone. Therefore a Diversity Sponsoring does only include your logo being added to the list of sponsors. Interested? Get in touch with us >>

Your consideration and contribution to helping our creative community to grow and to evolve will be recognized. Diversity Sponsors’ company logos will be added to our Sponsors & Partners section, and sponsors will receive special recognition during the conference.

Your second option to support diversity on #jskongress is by buying a Support Ticket by adding a fee of 25%, 50%, 75% to the value of your own ticket or even buying a second full ticket to support another person. Support Tickets are available in our ticket shop >>

A huge “thank you” goes to our first Diversity Sponsors for their support!

Peerigon supports diversity on #jskongress

Code of Conduct

First of all, everyone — attendee, speaker, sponsor, and volunteer, as well as the team members — at the JS Kongress, have to agree to the Code of Conduct. You agree to comply by purchasing a ticket as well as by attending. Also, the organizers will enforce this code throughout the event. Finally, we are expecting cooperation from all involved parties to ensure a safe environment for everybody.

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