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Does your company have an awesome internal wiki? What makes it 'awesome'?

jsmn profile image Jasmin Hudacsek ・1 min read

At StackCommerce, we currently host our internal private wiki with Github Wikis, and I've been trying to find a good way to organize it in a way that visually makes sense, i.e. how to utilize sidebar content and page content effectively.

I've tried looking for more discussions around wiki structure for inspiration outside of the world of open source (which doesn't quite fit our needs currently) and I haven't had much luck.

Right now, we have a few main sections such as 'Documentation', 'Engineering', 'How-To', 'QA' and 'Product Specifications', but not every sub-section is organized accordingly.

TL;DR--Do you use a wiki at your company and do you find that it's organized well? What makes it work for your team?

Any tips would be appreciated!


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ItsASine (Kayla)

I organize our Confluence regularly and maintain proper formatting and tables of contents in our posts themselves, but overall I think the best thing is to have solid titles and a search bar. I don't see anyone really browsing our docs -- they would search for what they need.

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AR Mirza

Can you guide me on how to set up a proper account on GitHub I want to make my portfolio because I'm Wikipedia editor have to look my site and want to set it to GitHub as a portfolio?

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Jasmin Hudacsek Author

Interesting, I never thought of it that way. Thanks for the perspective!

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I recommend you to check out Gitlab. They are using their platform as a wiki to share what's going on in every unit, and publicly. It's amazing to see it day by day.

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Jasmin Hudacsek Author

Ah yeah, I use Gitlab personally, but I can't change where the company I work for hosts all of our application code, unfortunately. I love how Gitlab makes everything public, though. :)