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My New Year's Resolutions

I realize this is considered "late", and I don't normally do New Year's Resolutions, but it does need to at least happen starting today.

Here is my list of habit changes:

  • Eating sweets -> no more sweets!
  • No regular exercise -> exercise every day!

If not previously, why now?

One reason: health.

I'm getting sick again. This usually happens to me at least once per year, if not twice.

Sugar is probably the worst for me when it comes to this. But my lack of a solid exercise routine over the years doesn't help either, especially considering I sit at a desk most of my work day.

Haven't you read articles "x", "y", and/or "z" about these topics?

I've definitely seen some articles about healthy living, especially some that are geared towards software/web developers. They have gotten me thinking on multiple occasions, though no more than "thinking" normally.

It's definitely time to change that though. For the sake of being healthier and avoiding sickness, these 2 unhealthy habits above must change.

So..."cold turkey" on sweets?

Yeah, I can't have just a little. I'm sure I'm not alone on this, but not going cold turkey on sweets will eventually (again) be the end of the healthy habit.

How will exercise be handled?

Since it's been so long since I've worked out regularly, it'll take a while to get back to where I was before.

Probably the best routine I had was something like the following:

  • Monday: cardio + upper body strength
  • Tuesday: cardio + lower body strength
  • Wednesday: cardio + upper body strength
  • Thursday: cardio + lower body strength
  • Friday: cardio + upper body strength
  • Saturday: cardio + lower body strength
  • Sunday: rest/fun

That did work really well for me. I definitely noticed a difference. I'll probably have to start off a bit differently this time though.

Any suggestions on this part?

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2019 === no more cigarettes