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Joshua Lunsford

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Getting Flash to work on NWJS 0.25+ on Windows 10


You might assume that Node Webkit, or NWJS as it's now called, would support flash out of the box or in a simple straight forward way, but it does not.

You can find some of the information needed from a google group discussion. Additional information is contained in a github issue

Below are the steps I used to solve the issue.

Download Flash

  • Install with the PPAPI option
  • Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash
  • copy C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash to .\PepperFlash\ in your nw folder

Modify NWJS Application

  • Add the following code in your NWJS application
    primaryPattern: "<all_urls>",
    resourceIdentifier: { id: "adobe-flash-player" },
    setting: "allow"
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Top comments (3)

maruru profile image
Marco Alka

Just one question: In the light of Adobe digging the Flash-grave, why would you want to revive a corpse?

jtlunsford profile image
Joshua Lunsford

It's not so much reviving a corpse. It's supporting the plague of zombies we can't get rid of in legacy applications :)

gl32_byte127x profile image
GL32 • Edited

Since the site leads to an end-of-life page, is there any way I could still get the files for PPAPI?