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Figma to WebAssembly WebGL, a click away today

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Figma Plugin

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The Fidget plugin is Published, it should appear on the Plugins list soon, is waiting for final approval.

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Figma based UI library for nim, with HTML and OpenGL backends.

👏 👏 👏 Check out video about the library: Fidget: Let's rethink UI development with Nim (NimConf 2020) 👏 👏 👏

⚠️ WARNING: This library is still in heavy development. ⚠️

Fidget - A cross platform UI library for nim

nimble install fidget

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API reference


Fidget aims to provide performant natively compiled cross platform UIs for any platform - Web with HTML5, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android with OpenGL.

Fidget leverages Figma - an app that is taking the design world by storm. It does this by providing a Figma Plugin to export directly to fidget code! No more counting stupid pixels, no more CSS puzzles. Want to change some spaces? Change it in Figma and export.

Fidget uses plain nim-procs, nim-templates, if-statements and for-loops. As well as providing only minimal primitives found in Figma.


Design done by Kate von Houck. Available for hire.

See code…

Hello World

Hello World on the Browser:

console.log("Hello World")
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Hello World on the Backend:

echo "Hello World"
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Thank you for playing

There's bridged Gitter, Matrix, Telegram, IRC, Discord for Nim, come say Hi.

Telegram en Español. Discord en Español.

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