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NimWC New Release

New stuff

  • Hardened by default (based from Debian Hardened+Gentoo Hardened).
  • Compressed signed database backups (SHA512,GPG,Tar Gz).
  • Design by Contract.


  • Nim 0.20.2 compatibility.
  • CLI logic refactored.
  • Updated Docs.
  • Bug Fixes.

Features of always

  • Self-Firejailing Web Framework (It Firejails itself).
  • 2 Factor Authentication by default (TOTP).
  • App Store integrated.
  • Admin Dashboard.
  • Admin can choose how much CPU & RAM NimWC can use.
  • Log Viewer directly from browser.
  • Auto-Rotating file Logger.
  • Server Status Page for Admins.
  • Email notification on critical errors.
  • Colored output on the Terminal.
  • ReCAPTCHA (Optional).
  • Plugin skeleton creator to create your own new plugins.
  • High Availability design by default.
  • Full Stack with the same programming language, including DevOps.
  • WebP automatic Image and Photo Optimizations.
  • Libravatar/Gravatar support builtin.
  • Upload/Download files and images (private or public).
  • WYSIWYG & Drag'n'Drop Editors.
  • Simple INI config.
  • Postgres or SQLite.
  • JavaScript framework agnostic.

...and a lot more.

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