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PLZ a new PIP

PLZ is a PIP Alternative designed for Dockers, Alpines, Vagrants, and containers.


  • 1 Megabyte, 1 file, 0 Dependencies, ~500 Lines of code.
  • Documentation Generator with Markdown to HTML & PDF
  • No Garbage Collector (Rust-like memory management).
  • Single file, it can even delete itself after use.
  • Install, uninstall, reinstall, download, upload to PyPI, etc.
  • Checks GPG if package has it, checks SHA sum for all packages.
  • Designed for Docker or Alpine usage.
  • Inferred Strong Static Typing with Z3 Theorem Prover.
  • Immutable programming, No Global Mutable State.
  • The only PIP alternative in the world that just works even with Python/Virtualenv completely broken. Can fix a broken PIP.
  • Machine code performance, as fast as optimized C.
  • High performance with low resources (RPi, VPS, cloud, old pc, etc).
  • No Installs, no setups, just copy & paste and run.
  • Colored output on the Terminal.
  • Project skeleton creator to create your own new Python projects.
  • Wont save any passwords, databases, keys, secrets, to disk nor Internet.
  • No temporary folders nor files.
  • Not meant as a drop-in replacement for anything pre-existing.
  • Tiny single file source code (not counting string constants).
  • Works fully isolated, self-contained standalone application.
  • It does NOT depend on pip (Not a pip wrapper).
  • GitHub Actions CI Builds every commit from zero.

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$ plz install pre-commit   # Install 1 or more packages
$ plz uninstall pre-commit # Uninstall 1 or more packages
$ plz reinstall pre-commit # Reinstall 1 or more packages
$ plz download pre-commit  # Download 1 or more packages
$ plz hash         # Show SHA CheckSum of file/package
$ plz open         # Open a module in your default code editor
$ plz backup /folder/      # Compressed backup of file/package with SHA Checksum
$ plz init                 # New Python project template (Interactive)
$ plz stats                # PyPI official service status report
$ plz newpackages          # List all the new Packages uploaded to PyPI recently
$ plz lastupdates          # List all existing Packages updated on PyPI recently
$ plz lastjobs             # List all new Job Posts updated on Python recently
$ plz userpackages         # List all existing Packages by User (Interactive)
$ plz latestversion        # Show the Latest Version of a PYPI Package (SemVer)
$ plz forceInstallPip      # Force install PIP on arbitrary folder (
$ plz doc          # Markdown/ReSTructuredText to HTML  (MD/RST can be mixed).
$ plz doc2latex    # Markdown/ReSTructuredText to Latex (MD/RST can be mixed).
$ plz doc2json     # Markdown/ReSTructuredText to JSON  (MD/RST can be mixed).
$ plz upload # Similar to "twine upload" (Interactive,asks user,wont need Twine).
$ plz --enUsUtf8           # Force Encoding to UTF-8 and Language to English
$ plz --cleanpyc           # Clean all __pycache__ and *.pyc
$ plz --cleanpypackages    # Clean all __pypackages__
$ plz --cleantemp          # Clean all temporary folder.
$ plz --cleanpipcache      # Clean all PIP Cache folder.
$ plz --cleanvenvs         # Clean Virtualenvs (interactive, asks Y/N 1-by-1).
$ plz --publicip           # Show your Public IP Address (Internet connectivity check).
$ plz --log=file.log       # Full path to a verbose local log file.
$ plz --backuplogs         # Compress old PLZ Logs at exit, to save disk resources.
$ plz --putenv:key=val     # Set an environment variable "KEY=Value", can be repeated.
$ plz --nice20             # Runs with "nice = 20" (CPU Priority, smooth priority).
$ plz --suicide            # Deletes itself permanently and exit (single file app).
$ plz --dump               # Show system info JSON and quit (for Developers and Bug Reporting).
$ plz --version            # Show Version
$ plz --help               # Show Help
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$ plz install bottle

2020-03-27T17:04:52-03:00, PID is 419469, 1 packages to download and install ["bottle"]
Generate Install Script? (y/N): n

bottle  0.12.18
71557 Bytes total (compressed)
SHA256 (bottle-0.12.18.tar.gz) = 0819b74b145a7def225c0e83b16a4d5711fde751cd92bae467a69efce720f69e 
HTTP-404? (Package without PGP Signature)

x bottle-0.12.18/bottle.egg-info/PKG-INFO
x bottle-0.12.18/bottle.egg-info/SOURCES.txt
x bottle-0.12.18/bottle.egg-info/dependency_links.txt
x bottle-0.12.18/bottle.egg-info/top_level.txt
x bottle-0.12.18/
x bottle-0.12.18/README.rst
x bottle-0.12.18/
x bottle-0.12.18/
x bottle-0.12.18/PKG-INFO
x bottle-0.12.18/setup.cfg

2020-03-27T17:04:55-03:00 0 Failed, 1 Success on 1 second, 887 milliseconds, 565 microseconds, and 957 nanoseconds to download+install 1 packages

$ plz init

New Python project name?: example
Generate optional Unitests on ./tests (y/N): y
Generate optional Documentation on ./docs (y/N): y
Generate optional Examples on ./examples (y/N): y
Generate optional DevOps on ./devops (y/N): y
Generate optional GitHub files on .github (y/N): y
Generate .gitignore file (y/N): y
Generate optional files (y/N): y
Use Markdown(MD) instead of ReSTructuredText(RST)  (y/N): y

Created a new Python project skeleton, happy hacking, bye...

$ ls example/  devops  docs examples  Makefile  requirements.txt  setup.cfg  tests

$ echo "Hello **World**" >
$ plz doc 
Hello <strong>World</strong>

$ cat example.html
Hello <strong>World</strong>

$ plz doc2latex
Hello \textbf{World}

$ cat example.tex
Hello \textbf{World}

$ plz --dump
  "hostCPU": "amd64",
  "hostOS": "linux",
  "cpuEndian": "littleEndian",
  "getTempDir": "/tmp/",
  "now": "2020-03-27T17:40:00-03:00",
  "getFreeMem": 151552,
  "getTotalMem": 528384,
  "getOccupiedMem": 267376,
  "countProcessors": 8,
  "arch": "x86_64",
  "ssd": true,
  "FileSystemCaseSensitive": true,
  "git": "2.25.1",
  "node": "v13.9.0",
  "python": "3.8.1"

$ plz --suicide  # Good bye world :(

$ plz
Command not found: plz
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Output, messages and other stuff may change in the future.

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We re-implemented PIP on ~500 lines of code, it deserves a Star ?.


Top comments (3)

mburszley profile image
Maximilian Burszley • Edited

What does this solve over Poetry? (which is seeing a lot of adoption and is an experience similar to yarn, building on PEP517/518)

Also, having everything in a single file does not make it desirable to use. It makes me think the author doesn't know how to make their code modular.

kunitoki profile image
kunitoki • Edited

you don't really need to modularise if the whole app is 500 lines of code divided in 4 or 5 files. Poetry has hundreds of files with some of them even reaching more than 1000+ lines of code: should they modularise more instead ?

moigagoo profile image
Constantine Molchanov

Looks amazing! Will try it at the first chance.

Does it aim to compete with Poetry, i.e. in the area of package management? Or is it purely a pip alternative?