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Juan F Gonzalez
Juan F Gonzalez

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I'm Juan Gonzalez , and I support all women devs.

I will advocate for gender equality by...

Championing the cause to make all women and everyone else that is an underrepresented minority in the tech field, either through giving, advice, mentoring, sharing resources & experiences and making others aware of the situation so we can have an industry where everyone can feel welcomed and those who don't promote the same spirit feel ashamed for putting others down.

I hope to see my work/developer community...

Understand that we can all be part of this industry regardless of gender or affiliations, promote the work of others without prejudices of who was the author and work together to promote the culture of support and shame the use of exclusion.

My advice for fellow allies is...

To stand and speak up for those who can't or is not easy to do so, to be actively involved in the solution and not contribute to the problem by not doing anything. Call out those who are making others feel uncomfortable and unwelcome with their actions or words because coming from and underrepresented minority, I know how bad it is to face discrimination in an area in which one wants to do something and stand out from the crowd.

That being said, for anything else I can contribute with I'm open to talk about it and be an ally, my messages are open, my contact links are in my profile and I put to disposition my network of contacts and people I know in the software industry.

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